Marketing technology products and services requires innovative approaches built on a true understanding of consumer decision making.  Drawing on their award-winning research and their work with innovative organizations, marketing experts A. Parasuraman and Charles L. Colby demonstrate how the adoption of high-tech products and services is influenced by unique beliefs that do not apply to traditional markets.  

This site provides an introduction to the techno-ready marketing principles identified in the research by Parasuraman and Colby and presented in their publishing, including their book, Techno-Ready Marketing: How and Why Your Customers Adopt Technology. The site also provides case studies and tools of interest to managers and scholars, and updates on the National Technology Readiness Survey. is maintained by the authors and Rockbridge Associates, Inc., a leading marketing research firm that studies innovation in a marketing context.

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"Consumer spending on spam filtering systems is $2.1 billion a year, much less than the value of waste from deleting spam." Find out more


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July 14, 2009:
Changing Consumer Priorities in Tough Times

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